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“There is a story in the Bible, in the book of Acts, where Paul (also called Saul- a very intelligent and passionate religious man), while on his mission to eradicate the beginnings of the Christian movement is met by Jesus in a vision.

Saul is doing his own thing when Jesus shows up and meets him. 'HIS OWN THING' in his mind is the right, the BETTER thing. He believed he was properly representing God and perpetuating his faith. Little did he know he was actually opposing God and working to the contrary. 

However after this encounter his life is forever changed. I not only relate that meeting Jesus can transform a life, but I believe it is part of my mission; to help people realize that Christianity is more than simple philosophy and religious practice, but it is experiential by nature. Something we have shied away from.

In the book of 1 Corinthians 2:4 (which was authorized by Paul), he writes "My message and my preaching weren’t presented with convincing wise words but with a demonstration of the Spirit and of power."

I was met by Jesus while was doing my own thing, and I too was doing my part to eradicate the movement of Christ in my own life through my poor choices in the way I lived while dampening the witness of Jesus all around me. I had a powerful life altering intervention with Jesus that has forever changed me, and placed me on a new found path and journey that i have been on now for many years…”


New England transplant, Aaron Rios, is a Florida native with a penchant for not simply music, but for extrospective worship. With an obscure music career that has seen him work with a variety of producers from Lane Johnson (Glow in the Dark Studios); Matt Malpass (Marigolds and Monsters); Aaron Marsh (Copeland/Vanguard Room), this New Journey is a reset after almost 20 years of making music outside the Christian market.

“Music in the past was always about ME trying to relate MY stories to others; to express MY heart and experiences to others with the intention of maybe sparking hope or in the least relatebility. My change of mind and heart has caused me to lose interest with pouring out my heart’s content to people, and directing it towards God.  

But more than that, moving towards something deeper. I believe true worship is less about remaining in a place of ego-centric inner expression and  moving past exposing and expressing myself- progressing even further beyond simply appreciating God and making him the focal point, but advancing beyond that to deify God in my heart, in a manner where He is elevated beyond me, my world, my thinking, my limitations and beyond my accomplishments. I do not want to be the spectacle before an audience, I want to participate with others before an audience of one…”

Aaron's first studio production in over 5 years is a crowd sourced worship EP that invites you to worship God, and welcomes His presence into our lives.