Agent of Change

You are called to be an agent of change.
Do you believe it?

You are first called to be changed.
Do you believe you need it?

You are loved as you are
Do you believe it?

Yet Gods love is so great, it demands that you encounter it and be changed.
Do you believe it?

You are loved enough to not remain as you are.
Do you believe it?

No one can encounter true love and remain as they are because true love is an ingredient that brings about completion .
Love is the striving for union. Love requires change to be received.

“Love labors and suffers to enthrall the beloved with what is in infinitely and eternally satisfying, namely God (the glory of God). Love is always God-centered.” ~ John Piper

Gods Holiness confronts areas in your life which are incompatible with God- areas to which you are helpless to change. Compatibility requires transformation and change.

Through surrender, as we submit, He transforms us.
Love says “I’ll take you as you are”.
Mercy and grace say “I won’t leave you as you are”.

John 3:3

Aaron RiosComment